Welcome to Metro Vancouver's First and Only Retro Arcade League!

League Rules

1. Leagues are comprised of 8 players and will last a total of 8 weeks in length. Each weekly league night will be maximum 4 hours in length.

2. Each week a total of 5 different games will be played. Play as many times on each game as you like each league night to better your score. Those 5 games will be broken down as follows:

  • 3 randomly selected games
  • 2 games selected from a pre-set list of games

  • 3. Teams are comprised of 2 people and will be randomly selected each week. The first game of each night must be played with your randomly selected team partner.

    4. Highest combined team scores on each game will count as each team member's score for that week.

    5. Players will earn “points” on each game based on their ranking of highest combined team scores. At the end of each night, points for all 5 games are combined. Highest possible points = 40, lowest possible points = 5.

    6. If you have to miss a league night, substitutions are allowed to avoid penalties. If no substitute player is supplied, other league members may make substitutions. If no substitution can be found you will receive 0 points for that week's play.

    7. All games must be played as 1 credit only, no continues.

    8: Weekly entrance fee is comprised of your admission, taxes and prize money. Weekly fee includes unlimited game play on all games until close each league night (you may play other games besides the league games). If you cannot make a league night, you may have a substitute player who pays their own admission, however, you must still pay the weekly prize fee upon return.

    9. Minors are welcome to join a league, please keep in mind they must be accompanied by an adult and must leave by 10:00pm.

    10: Any player caught cheating will be dealt with immediately by the league and its players. This is to be a fun, casual league, let's keep the drama to a minimum please. These rules may be updated from time to time.

    Bonus: League members get 10% discount on all purchases at the arcade (excluding alcohol).

    Prize Pool Breakdown

    Weekly Fee: $20.00 including tax, admission, and prize money.

    Weekly Admission: $12.00 + tax = $12.60

    Weekly Prize Money: $20.00(fee) - $12.60(admission+tax) = $7.40

    Total League Prize Money: $7.40(weekly) x 8(players) x 8(weeks) = $473.60

    Top 4 Players get into Prize Pool

    1st Place: $207.20 (3.5x prize fee)

    2nd Place: $118.40 (2x prize fee)

    3rd Place: $88.80 (1.5x prize fee)

    4th Place: $59.20 (1x prize fee)

    5th Place: $0

    6th Place: $0

    7th Place: $0

    8th Place: $0

    Prize breakdown based on 8 players for 8 weeks, actual prize money is dependant on total number of players.

    If interested in joining a league or customizing your own league, please feel free to contact us at leagues@capcityarcade.com


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